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With powerful on-demand legal services that go where you need them, Hanna & Hanna is your secret weapon and is proud to be Houston’s Premier Court Reporters and Litigation Support Providers.

Serving Houston and the Great State of Texas!

Customer Service – With over 30 years experience in the legal field, Hanna & Hanna is a court reporter-owned and operated firm.  We are always prepared during the entire discovery process to help our clients with all their litigation needs. We provide reporter exhibit binders when the client requests them to ensure every exhibit marked in a case is at every deposition. Hanna & Hanna provides the ability for your team to schedule proceedings in a way that is convenient for attorneys, paralegals and secretaries.



At Hanna & Hanna we strive to stay current with the latest technology to meet all the demanding obligations of all our clients.

Scheduling is available online, by phone, by fax, by e-mail. At Hanna & Hanna we pride ourselves on making the scheduling process as convenient to our clients as possible.

Forgot to schedule a reporter or videographer? No problem! E-mail us after hours at afterhours@hannareporting.com. You will receive a return phone call or e-mail promptly.



Remote Depositions

Remote depositions offer attorneys and law firms an effective alternative to in-person depositions.


Legal Video Specialists

Our videographers are Certified Legal Video Specialists through NCRA and use the latest video equipment available.

Court Reporters

The fast, accurate, and reliable Houston court reporters you need to find success in your case.


Realtime Internet Streaming

instant message with your expert(s) while examining witnesses through secure chat rooms.

Worldwide Coverage

Whether in Houston or across the globe, Hanna Reporting will be there for you!

Realtime Reporting

Have your transcript delivered exactly as it is being recorded.



We utilize the latest video technology for every video service. 

Delivery Options

Same-day Rough Drafts – We provide a rough draft the same day if requested by our clients
Daily Copies – Need your transcript within 24 hours?  Just let us know when scheduling your deposition!
After-hours availability – E-mail us at  afterhours@hannareporting.com 24/7, and you will receive a return phone call or e-mail promptly.


Live Deposition – http://livedeposition.com/
Livenote – Livenote
Vidigation – Vidigation.com
NCRA – ncra.org
TCRA – tcra-online.com
HCRA – hcrainfo.com


Hanna & Hanna Reporting is a full-service court reporting firm offering complete legal support services, videoconferencing and deposition suites. We provide a wide variety of services related to the court reporting profession, including realtime, transcription service, litigation support and legal video services.


We offer the professional technical support and legal support that makes your job that much easier.  We are a member of NCRA, STAR, NNRC, TCRA, TEXDRA and HCRA. Hanna & Hanna Reporting is privileged to have an exceptionally dedicated and committed staff of professionals for all your court reporting needs.


Hanna & Hanna Reporting is headquartered in Houston, Texas and offers worldwide scheduling of depositions, court reporters, videographers, exhibit technicians, and videoconferencing.  We provide local services across Texas and the USA.

We are Covid-19 Proof!


Schedule A Remote Deposition! 




The Court Reporting Firm of Choice for Texas!

Hanna & Hanna is proud of its record of excellence!

  • Court Reporting
  • Transcript Production
  • Videoconferencing
  • Interpreting
  • Trial Support
  • Mediation

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