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With powerful on-demand legal services that go where you need them, Hanna & Hanna is your secret weapon and is proud to be Houston’s Premier Court Reporters offering realtime remote internet streaming.

Houston‘s Trusted Source for Realtime Court Reporting!

  • 24/7 Mobile Scheduling
  • Global Coverage
  • Remote Depositions
  • Realtime Internet Streaming
  • Digital Transcripts

Hanna Reporting is proud to offer around-the-clock scheduling of its court reporting service from anywhere in the world!

Would you really like to have that expert attend upcoming arbitrations, mediations or depositions, but travel and expenses get in the way? 

Request Internet Realtime Streaming!  You are able to have the ability to instant message with your expert(s) while examining witnesses through secure chat rooms while your experts are able to see and hear everything in the conference room.  Need help from a paralegal back at the office? 

Through Internet Realtime Streaming our clients have the benefit of their office staff at their fingertips!

We are Covid-19 Proof!


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Coronavirus Safety

Hanna & Hanna offers a full range of services and special safety measures during the COVID-19 Crisis!

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