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After nearly two years of facing a global pandemic, many companies have made the executive decision to return to their offices. For some, this is a frightening jump. Sharing an office space with others again can seem a bit overwhelming after working from home for what feels like ages, but it doesn’t have to be. On top of continuing to wear a mask and socially distancing, there are other things you can do to keep safe.

  • If you have your own office, stay there as much as you can
  • If you share an office space with others (such as cubicles), keep dividers between you and the others
  • Keep space between you and your coworkers when entering/exiting a room

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Meetings with larger groups are a little trickier, but you can keep all involved just as safe. If you have a decent-sized conference space, you can:

  • Try to keep the meeting limited to only those who are required to be present
  • Keep a seat or two between each meeting participant
  • If possible, set up several small tables for an individual, socially distanced meeting space and consider setting up plastic dividers.

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