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In the past, how did you schedule your litigation support service? A phone call, probably– but if you’re anything like most attorneys, you often found that work made it so you couldn’t make these calls during normal work hours. Email allowed you the freedom of scheduling a service at any time, but it can be difficult to know what information to provide attorneys without a guide. You might have even done it through fax, which has its own myriad of struggles.

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What you really needed was some combination of the perks above: the requested information that is confirmed through a phone call, and the ease of scheduling at any time through email. That’s where our mobile-friendly scheduling form comes in.

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By scheduling a service on our scheduling form, you’re not limited to normal work hours. You can use any device with an internet connection to book a service at any time– whether that’s before work, in line for coffee, or in bed unwinding after a long day. Thanks to this form, you can see precisely what information you need to provide to have your service confirmed, making the process a breeze.

Why should you schedule a service on your smartphone? Because of the freedom it provides you. Book a service in the fastest, most efficient way today by using your mobile device.