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With powerful on-demand legal services that go where you need them, Hanna & Hanna Reporting is your secret weapon and is proud to be Houston’s Premier Court Reporters and Litigation Support Providers

Effective and State-of-the-Art Realtime Remote Depositions

When separated by great distances or simply to save money on travel, realtime remote depositions by Hanna & Hanna Reporting in Houston, Texas, the USA, or across the world offer attorneys and law firms an effective alternative to in-person depositions.

Over the past year, remote depositions have grown to be an essential part of every court reporting firm, and we are glad to continue to offer it as one of our services. This service is a fantastic resource for attorneys whose legal teams are spread across our expansive state. Travel costs a great deal of time and money, and you can eliminate that cost with your remote deposition service. 

We utilize the best technology in the industry to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. Legal teams are connected over a secure server where documents and exhibits can be safely exchanged. With the superior technology we have at hand, you can always expect the clearest visuals and crispest audio, and we also offer video and text options for our remote attendees. You can still work with our skilled, certified court reporters remotely, and on the off chance that anything goes wrong, our staff is on standby to troubleshoot. 

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