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In a state as widespread and populous as Texas, top court reporters need to offer the latest technology to stay ahead of the competition and serve the state’s far-flung and growing population.  Leading court reporters in Texas work with lawyers and attorneys on litigation, criminal cases, immigration law cases and other types of cases in cities across the state, including Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi, Fort Worth, El Paso and Arlington.

With mobile technology and wireless apps, court reporting companies today can perform many services for legal clients across great distances, which certainly applies in a state like Texas, with a geographic size of 268,596 square miles. More than 230 miles separate Houston and Dallas by road, while about 275 miles of road separate Dallas and San Antonio. Fortunately, technology enables leading Texas court reporting firms to overcome such distances and work remotely on many cases. A firm specializing in court reporting in Houston can work with lawyers on the other side of the state through an interactive website and mobile app that securely share case data.

As the population of Texas continues to grow, the state’s lawyers and attorneys will need court reporters who can keep up with them as they chase down the legal business that inevitably accompanies growth. The state has attracted many new businesses in recent years. Court reporting firms assist corporate lawyers with mergers-and-acquisitions, land purchases and other matters. More people mean more auto accidents and other types of personal injury cases. Court reporters work closely with civil litigation attorneys and lawyers, helping them build their cases in various ways.

Court reporting businesses assist legal professionals with an array of support services. They offer legal videography services, in which they produce documentary videos for clients to introduce as evidence. They also offer photography services, trial presentation services, video depositions, “e-discovery” services and more.


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